About Us

Company Background

Daily Fresh had since continuously brought joy to all customer with it fresh, juicy, sweet corn in cup. To proof, it had operated over 1200 kiosks world wide ( Indonesia , Singapore , Brunei , UAE, Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Kuwait , Oman , Bahrain , Qatar , Jordan , Yemen , Lebanon , Pakistan , South Africa , Sudan, India and Turkey ). Daily Fresh will also soon be available in Vietnam and Australia.

Farming and harvesting

Our sister company Mah Yong, established since 1986 has over 19 years experience in supplying high quality sweet corn with years of research and development. We take pride in achieving sweet corn growing technique that is conducive in Malaysia's climate and geographical environment. We have successfully established a strong supplier base through a consortium of growers that ensures consistency of supply all year round.


In manufacturing, we are proud of our unique and well-maintained facilities in food processing technique. We have invested huge amount of resources and times in a complete and integrated set of the latest high-tech equipments for our superior frozen system. All our corn are frozen within hours of being harvested to capture the finest quality of colour, rich nutrition and natural taste, with NO PRESERVATIVE ADDED. We are also proud of our success in developing the unique technique of extracting whole kernel that is “NON-CUT” from the corn cob. This technique ensures the crunchiness, juicy taste of whole corn in its natural form.

Quality Control and Research

In addition to that, we possess a capable team of R&D personnel. Our R&D department is always striving to find better techniques in improving our products shelf life and nutritional level of our products. They are invariably testing and analyzing the freshness of our product as a benchmark for quality control. All these measures are taken so as to ensure we deliver fresh, top quality goods to our customers all the time. In addition, our R&D department also works relentlessly developing new products for the market.

Marketing and Promotion

One of our most successful products is the Daily Fresh Cup Corn. With more than 1200 outlets worldwide, it represents a great business opportunity for you. This new and latest business concept is well demanded and popular because it is a business opportunity that requires low initial capital outlay and brings in high returns.

On top of that it has low operational carrying costs and is easy to manage. This business concept is attractive for those who are looking forward to starting and owning their own business. We will guide you all the way to achieving your dream business by providing you with all the full set of equipment and training on operation techniques of managing your business. We'll even cover the advertising and promotion plan and activities with you.

Storage and Distribution

In doing so, we have established our competitive edge and gain a solid respected reputation in the industry. Besides having a strong distribution network throughout Malaysia, we also expanded to exporting to various countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and other Asian countries, Middle East, South Africa, India and Europe.

Franchising and Outlets.

Daily Fresh offers low investment and high returns for business setup. The company is obligated to offer our franchisees recover their investments in shortest period. As franchisor, we insure our franchisees success through continuous consultancy and advertising promotion supports. Daily Fresh Franchising is a network of interdependent business relationships that allows a number of people to share:
• A brand identification
• A successful method of doing business
• A proven marketing and distribution system

  • Our Products

      • Frosty Corn
      • Cup Corn
      • Waffle Cake